Aaron Kunst, MA, was born and raised in Paradise California. His early creative educational experience through home schooling helped him develop a natural desire and hunger for knowledge. This hunger helped him rise to the top of his graduating class in high school and college, receiving academic honors at both levels.

Aaron has work experience with interpersonal communication employee training along with workplace safety. He sat as head of the employee safety committee for two years at Darden, reviewing employee and employer safety in the workplace. Recently Aaron started FitLife1st a blog and health and wellness organization that produces scientifically backed health and fitness related content to individuals seeking credible advice.

When not hard at work you can find Aaron showing his love for staying active by playing sports like basketball and soccer, to outdoor adventures like hiking and camping. Besides Aaron’s love for sports, Aaron has a passion for health, fitness, and nutrition and enjoys the acquisition of knowledge through constantly reviewing the latest scholarly health related findings and studies. Aaron loves to cook in his spare time and enjoys yoga, weight training, and traveling throughout the United States and beyond.

Educationally, Aaron holds a Masters Degree in Communication, a Bachelors of Science in Health Communication, and a business minor in Entrepreneurship from San Diego State University. During his education Aaron has focused on health and nutrition related themes such as linking social support to cardiovascular health outcomes and researching the combining factors contributing to the obesity epidemic.  Aaron plans to continue to pursue the expansion of his knowledge through education and collaboration with individuals who share his passion and drive to improve the overall health and well-being of all people.​



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