Amarjit is the Refugee Health Unit Director of Community Impact and Partnerships. Amarjit Dass loves to develop innovative solutions to support the advancement of health and human rights for historically underrepresented communities locally and globally. She received her M.S in Global Medicine at the University of Southern California. During the program, Amarjit interned at the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre in Florence, Italy. During her internship, she learned about implementing research policies with local agencies to support the health and human rights of local residence in Italy, including migrants. Amarjit learned to apply the motto “think globally, act locally” through her work in nonprofit and advocacy works in Los Angeles and San Diego. When living in Los Angeles, she was an active member with the Human Rights Watch Los Angeles office and the USNC for UN Women Los Angeles chapter. Her experiences include developing community events, fundraising and advocacy training. Prior to joining UCSD, Amarjit spent 5 years designing and implementing community-based research studies at the University of Southern California. Her passion in health equity and creating space for community voices to be heard stems from her and her family’s experiences as immigrants. Her passion for refugee causes comes from the fact that her great-grandparents were Palestinian refugees living in Syria and her maternal side of the family is impacted by the current crisis in Syria


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