Kate Edra is a Program Coordinator at the Center for Community Health School Wellness team under the direction of Kate McDevitt.  She works primarily with elementary schools where 50% of more of the students receive free or reduced meals by implementing nutrition education, physical activity and parent engagement programs in an effort to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity in San Diego County.

Kate was born in San Diego, California, and shortly after graduating from Bonita Vista High School, received her Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA.  However, she pursued a career in Retail Management which eventually brought her to Atlanta, Georgia, where she was an area manager for an athletic wear company.  Working closely with community members who were changing health every day in the gym, she found a new passion for health and exercise and she pursued her Bachelors in Exercise Science at Kennesaw State University.  While she was taking coursework in health promotion planning and implementation, she saw a real need for reducing childhood obesity and has been committed to this endeavor since then.

She is currently pursuing her Master in Public Health in Health Promotions and Behavioral Health at San Diego State University and hopes to complete the prestigious program in May 2016.


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