Research Interests

Patricia East is a developmental psychologist whose research focuses on behavioral pathways across development. Patricia is interested in child and adolescent development, cognitive and behavioral development, the effects of iron deficiency and high iron supplementation on development, and longitudinal studies and methods.

NIH R03-HD-097295 (East, PI). Long-Term Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Early-Life Iron Deficiency and High-Iron Supplementation. This project is examining the long-term effects of two exposures that occurred during infancy, iron-deficiency anemia and consumption of iron-fortified supplementation given to nonanemic infants as part of a randomized-controlled iron-deficiency anemia preventive trial delivered to a large cohort of Chilean children studied from infancy to age 23.


1986-89 Post-Doc University of California, Irvine, Program in Social Ecology
1986 Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University, Human Development
1984 M.S. Pennsylvania State University, Human Development
1980 B.S. University of Denver, Major: Psychology

Honors and Awards

2009 Women Who Mean Business Award – Given by the San Diego Business Journal
2008 UCSD – University Wide Commitment to Diversity Award
2005 Who’s Who among American Women
2001, 2003 Who’s Who in America
2000, 2002 Who’s Who in the World
2001 Distinguished Scientist Lecture, University of Nebraska
1996 Distinguished Research Award by the California Wellness Foundation and The University of California
1992 – 1997 First Independent Research Support and Transition Award (R29)
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH
1987 – 1989 Natl Research Service Award, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, NIMH, (F32)
1986 – 1987 NIMH Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowship (T32)

Recent Publications

East, P., Doom, J., Blanco, E., Burrows, R., Lozoff, B., & Gahagan, S. (2020). Young adult outcomes associated with lower cognitive functioning in childhood related to iron-fortified formula in infancy. Nutritional Neuroscience.

Doom, J.R., Rivera, K.M., Blanco, E., Burrows, R., Correa-Burrows, P., East, P.L., Lozoff, B., & Gahagan, S. (2020). Sensitive periods for psychosocial risk in childhood and adolescence and cardiometabolic outcomes in young adulthood. Development and Psychopathology.

East, P., Doom, J., Delker, E., Blanco, E., Burrows, R., Correa-Burrows, P., Lozoff, B. & Gahagan, S. (2020). Childhood socioeconomic hardship, family conflict and young adult hypertension: The Santiago Longitudinal Study. Social Science and Medicine, 253, 112962.

East, P., Delker, E., Blanco, E., Lozoff, B., Correa-Burrows, P., Burrows, R., & Gahagan, S. (2020). Body mass index trajectories from birth to 23 years by cardiovascular risks in young adulthood. Obesity, 28 (4), 813-821.

Delker, E., East, P., Blanco, E., Wu, V., Lozoff, B., Delva, J., & Gahagan, S. (2020). Associations among household chaos, school belonging and risk behaviors in adolescents. Journal of Primary Prevention.

LaSpada, N., Delker, E., East, P., Blanco, E., Delva, J, Burrows, R., Lozoff, B., & Gahagan, S. (2020). Risk taking, sensation seeking and personality as related to changes in substance use from adolescence to young adulthood. Journal of Adolescence, 82, 23-31.

Doom, J. R., Gahagan, S., East, P. L., Encina, P., Delva, J. & Lozoff, B. (2020). Adolescent internalizing, externalizing, and social problems following iron deficiency at 12-18 Months: The role of maternal responsiveness. Child Development, 91(3), e545-e562.

Wu, V., East, P., Delker, E., Blanco E., Caballero, G., Deva, J., Lozoff, B., Gahagan, S. (2019).

Associations among mothers’ depression, emotional and learning material support to their child, and children’s cognitive functioning: A 16-year longitudinal study. Child Development, 90 (6), 1952-1968.

East, P., Delker, E., Blanco, E., Encina, P., Lozoff, B., & Gahagan, S. (2019). Effect of infant iron deficiency on children’s verbal abilities: The roles of child affect and parent unresponsiveness. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 23, 1240-1250.

East, P., Delker, E., Blanco, E., Burrows, R., Lozoff, B., & Gahagan, S. (2019). Home and family environment related to development of obesity: A 21-year longitudinal study. Childhood Obesity, 15, (3), 1-11.

Nelson, T., East, P., Delva, J., Lozoff, B., & Gahagan, S. (2019). Children’s inattention and hyperactivity, mothers’ parenting, and risk behaviors in adolescence: A 10-year longitudinal study of Chilean children. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, 40 (4), 249-256.

East, P., Lozoff, B., Blanco, E., Delker, E., Delva, J., Encina, P., & Gahagan, S. (2017). Infant iron deficiency, child affect, and maternal unresponsiveness: Testing the long-term effects of functional isolation. Developmental Psychology, 53, 2233-44.

East, P., Delker, E., Lozoff, B., Delva, J., Castillo, M., & Gahagan, S. (2018). Associations among infant iron deficiency, childhood emotion and attention regulation, and adolescent problem behaviors. Child Development, 89(2), 593-608.

East, P., Gahagan, S., & Al-Delaimy, W. (2018). The impact of refugee mothers’ trauma, posttraumatic stress, and depression on their children’s adjustment. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 20, 271-282.

Vasconcelos, M. M., East, P., Blanco, E., Lukacz, E. S., Caballero, G., Lozoff, B., & Gahagan, S. (2017). Early behavioral risks for childhood and adolescent daytime urinary incontinence and nocturnal enuresis. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. 38(9),736-742.

Cheng, J., East, P., Blanco, E., Kang-Sim, E., Castillo, M., Lozoff, B., & Gahagan, S. (2016). Obesity leads to declines in motor skills across childhood. Child: Care, Health and Development, 42 (3), 343-350.

Lee, J., East, P., Blanco, E., Kang-Sim, E., Castillo, M., Lozoff, B., & Gahagan, S. (2016). Early parenthood linked to new onset overweight or obesity among Chilean adolescents. International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health, 28(2), 225-227.

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