Suzanna Martinez, PhD, MS, is a researcher in the UC-wide Nutrition Policy Institute, in the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and at UC San Diego, Division of Academic Pediatrics, Development and Community Health at the Center for Community Health. She has worked with the Division since 2009, when she was a Postdoctoral Scholar under the mentorship of Dr. Sheila Gahagan. Dr. Martinez collaborates on The Santiago Longitudinal Study examining determinants of obesity and cardiometabolic risk in a cohort of Chilean adults studied since infancy. In this cohort, she has examined the effect of neighborhood perceptions on cardiometabolic risk and metabolic pathways involved in increased risk for the metabolic syndrome during adolescence.

Dr. Martinez has a MS degree in Nutrition Education From Columbia University, Teachers College, and a PhD from the UCSD/ San Diego State University Joint Doctoral Program in Public Health (Health Behavior). Her research interests include understanding the behavioral, social and environmental mechanisms that relate to sleep, nutrition, and physical activity and how they are interrelated in determining pediatric obesity, particularly Latino children.


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2014 Academic Pediatric Association Research in Academic Pediatrics Initiative on Diversity

2013 Academic Pediatric Association Young Investigator Award

2007 Center for Disease Control & Prevention/ Prevention Research Centers/Associated Schools of Public Health Minority Fellowship

2007 Nation Institute of Health (National Cancer Institute) Minority Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research


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