Employer Tools to Create a Healthy Workplace Policy

Our Workplace Policy Tools provide organizations with partner resources for developing strong and sustainable organizational policy changes to cultivate a work environment supportive of healthy eating and physical activity.

Healthy Vending Policy

Healthy Vending Guide PDF

Vending Machine Assessment Tool PDF

San Diego County Parks and Recreation Healthy Vending Machine Poliy PDF

Healthy Vending Fact Sheet PDF

5 Key Elements for Creating a Successful Vending Policy PDF

Lactation Accomodation Policy

Breastfeeding Emblem PDF

Breastfeeding-Friendly Childcare Policy (Spanish) PDF

Breastfeeding-Friendly Childcare Policy (English) PDF

BP 4033 Lactation Accommodation Policy PDF

Healthy Meeting Policy

Meet Well Pledge PDF

Comprehensive Wellness Policy

Frame Work For Wellness PDF

Student Wellness Policy Example PDF

Workplace Policy In Action

Healthy Vending: Goodwill Industries

Healthy Vending: Goodwill Industries


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