Community-Based & Health Behavior Research projects

Premature Infant Nutrition

Role: Co-investigator (PI: Dr. Jae Kim, UC San Diego)
Description: The purpose of this project is to develop a network of community partners, including community-based clinicians, to identify barriers faced by mothers and community pediatric care providers in delivering optimal post-discharge nutrition for premature infants, with the ultimate purpose of developing intervention research aimed at achieving this goal.

Introducing Child Menus in Restaurants to Improve Access to Healthier Foods

Role: Co-investigator (PI – Dr. Guadalupe X. Ayala, San Diego State University)
Description: This project is focused on children’s consumption of foods away from home. The aim of the research is to assess strategies to modify what is offered to and accepted by children in restaurants.

Parental Perception of Childhood Obesity

Role: Co-investigator (PI – Dr. Miryoung Lee, Wright State University)
Description: This study explores the possible misperceptions that parents have regarding their child’s weight status, and parental concerns related to child health. A ‘Body Image’ survey, developed by members of Wright State University and the Southwestern Ohio Ambulatory Research Network (SOAR-Net) research group, will be used to assess parental/guardians’ perceptions of their child’s weight status and health among families.

Somali Refugee Mental Health Study

Role: Co-Investigator (with Dr. Wael Al-Delaimy and Dr. Patricia East, UC San Diego)
Description: This study examines how the traumatic experiences of Somali refugee mothers affect their and their children’s health and well-being.



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