Create a breastfeeding-friendly environment.


  • Breastfeeding families are encouraged to breastfeed onsite.
  • Families and employees are provided a non-restroom space to breastfeed or pump.

Provide employee training to support breastfeeding.


  • Train all employees on breastfeeding-friendly practices.
  • Include: benefits of breastfeeding, handling and storing breast milk, paced bottle feeding, creating a breastfeeding-friendly environment, policy, and parent support.

Implement proper storage, handling, and feeding of breast milk.


  • Provide refrigerator and freezer space for storage of breast milk.
  • Instruct breastfeeding families on how to properly label and store breast milk.
  • Provide an individual feeding plan for all infants under 18 months.

Adopt written policies supporting breastfeeding families and employees.


  • Adopt a written policy and communicate it to both breastfeeding families and employees.
  • Provide appropriate break time for employees to pump or breastfeed.

Offer breastfeeding resources to families and employees.


  • Provide breastfeeding resources for families.
  • Provide breastfeeding resources for employees.

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