Childcare providers enrolled in the Breastfeeding-Friendly San Diego (BFSD) program make a commitment to supporting and promoting breastfeeding at their sites. Read through the highlights on this page to meet the providers who have completed the BFSD program and who are dedicated to assisting families in meeting their breastfeeding goals!

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Gladys' Family Childcare Center

Providing a warm and safe setting and welcoming children is the goal of Gladys’ Family Childcare Center. Ms. Sauceda-Flores states: “It is with all my enthusiasm and caring support that I am committed to serve our local families. I am taking excellent care of the health and wellbeing of our children, who are the most precious for all of us. With firsthand experiences, as a breastfeeding mother along with my professional commitment, I am supporting families with the best nutrition and development environment for their children.”

With those words, Ms. Sauceda-Flores has opened her home to welcome babies and breastfeeding mothers into her care. She believes breastmilk is the best way to give any child a healthy and productive start. In her own words “As a childcare provider who supports families to continue breastfeeding when they go back to work, I am providing a higher quality of care for our babies.” The lactation space that she has designated is purposely in a quiet area, but is also easily accessible. Ms. Sauceda-Flores continuously updates her resources in order to provide a current and safe environment for families. She utilizes hands-on playing and learning activities, and provides children opportunities to learn through socialization in friendly surroundings. We should strive to Ms. Sauceda-Flores’ quality of care in every community, and we welcome her designation and partnership into our Breastfeeding Friendly San Diego (Pro-Lactancia) program. Congratulations Gladys Sauceda-Flores!

For program funding information, please see Breastfeeding-Friendly San Diego


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