Employer Tools to Create Healthy Workplace Environments

Our Employer Tools provide businesses with the means for developing a worksite culture and environment that support healthy eating and physical activity.

Sample Tools

Eat Well Practices PDF

Health ScoreCard DOCX

MeetWell Policy for Employers PDF

Healthy Vending Machines PDF

Beverage and Food Policy PDF

Stairwells PDF

Wellness Committee PDF

Breast Feeding PDF

Go For H20 PDF


The Introduction and Theme of the Month covers special events and themes to highlight how readers can increase their health through health screenings, local and national events, and tips about improving their health and safety.

The Harvest of the Month section highlights a fruit and a vegetable that is in season each month. Additionally, this section examines the benefits and fun facts about each vegetable and fruit.

The Swap Out, Swap In section looks at one habit that can be swapped for a healthier habit to inform and increase healthy behaviors.

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Calendar of Events

The Calendar of Events focuses on free, exciting, educational, and health related events throughout San Diego County each month.

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