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Live Well @ Work utilizes a variety of strategies and tools to support businesses through the process of crafting healthier workplace environments. From assessing worksites to developing wellness brands to program implementation and evaluation, Live Well @ Work will ensure that your organization’s wellness plan is successful.


  • Conduct the Health ScoreCard, an easy-to-use tool to assess the worksite’s current food and physical activity environments, culture of health, and wellness efforts.
  • Identify and interpret worksites health promotion needs from the results of employer assessment.
  • Develop an employer-specific action plan based on identified areas of interest.


  • Present the business case to secure management participation and support in starting or expanding employee wellness programs.
  • Support in establishing a wellness committee comprised of staff representing different levels of an organization.


  • Assist in developing a unique wellness brand to effectively market program messages and engage employee participation.
  • Provide a variety of marketing and educational tools such as posters, brochures, cookbooks, and wellness board materials to strengthen program efforts.
  • Assist in connecting organizations with community partners to facilitate lunch and learns, seminars, and classes.
  • Distribute monthly Live Well @ Work newsletters featuring a free events calendar, healthy recipes ideas, and additional resources for improving employee wellness.


  • Create environmental supports that encourage healthy behaviors in the workplace.
  • Develop a campaign to promote safe, inviting stairwells that encourages employees to take the stairs more often.
  • Support in identifying safe, walkable routes to healthy places close by to encourage physical activity.
  • Connect employers to local farmers to have fresh produce delivered directly to the worksite.
  • Support employers in implementing healthy menu guidelines that set nutrition standards for their onsite employee cafeteria and dining facilities.


  • Support the development or revision of workplace polices to help support employees achieve healthy lifestyles.
  • Assist in creating healthy meeting policies that promotes healthy choices at workplace meetings, gatherings, and events.
  • Facilitate the development of a healthy vending policy to provide healthy food and beverage options in employee vending machines at a discounted rate.

To learn more about the tools Live Well @ Work utilizes, please visit our ‘Resources‘ page.


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