Program Basics

LWCMP Overview PDF

LWCMP- See How We Have Helped Small Markets PDF

Urban Food Equity Overview Jan 2021 PDF

LWCMP Market Selection Criteria PDF

LWCMP Recognition Levels PDF

LWCMP Profitability & Marketing Tips PDF

LWCMP Participation Letter PDF


LWCMP Market Partner Level Decals PDF

Managing Produce Inventory

Reducing Food Waste at Your Market PDF

Ethylene & Other Produce Tips PDF

Produce Display & Handling PDF

Produce Rotation Guidelines & Checklist (Eng/Sp) PDF

Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snack Kit Inventory PDF

Healthy Snacks Guidelines 2021 PDF

Healthy Snacks Example Products 2021 PDF

Healthy Snacks Workshop 2.0 Voting/Decision Card PDF

Healthy Snacks Workshop 2.0 2021 Slides PDF

Food Assistance (CalFresh & WIC)

Food Assistance Program Info for Markets PDF

Business Development & Financial Assistance

Self-Help Federal Credit Union Small Business Loans Link

Accion Small Business Loans Link

SDGE Business Rebates & Incentives Link

San Diego Small Business Development Center Link

City of San Diego Business Storefront Improvement Link

Market Makeovers & Special Projects

Louie’s Market Place Makeover KPBS Link

Fresh Garden Market Crosswalk KPBS Video

Center City Market Makeover KPBS Speak City Heights Video

African Caribbean Market Makeover KPBS Speak City Heights Video

Market Case Studies Link

Fresh Garden Market/Mt Hope Crosswalk Fact Sheet PDF

African Caribbean Market Makeover Case Study PDF


LWCMP COVID-19 Support Virtual Workshop Slides PDF

LWCMP COVID-19 Support Virtual Workshop MP4

LWCMP COVID-19 Resources Link


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