Since its launch in 2016, Más Fresco! More Fresh has been highlighed in numerous pieces of media. Check out some of Más Fresco! More Fresh's most recent media successes below.


Medical Consultants Network-Access to Better Health Through Food Stamps Link

Healthline- The Issues with Trump’s Plan to Ship Food to Low-Income Households Link

Salud America!- Latinos Get Extra Money for Buying Healthy Food Link

NBC Los Angeles- Mas Fresco: Food Stamp Program Pushes Fresh Produce and Partners with Northgate Market Link

Scary Mommy- New Program Makes Fresh Produce More Afforable for Food Stamp Recipients Link

Los Angeles Times- Program Encourages Food Stamp Users to Stock up on Fruits and Vegetables Link

Huffington Post- Rewards Program Encourages SNAP Recipients to Make Healthy Choices Link

Kaiser Health News- When Food Stamps Pass as Tickets to Better Health Link

NPR-Food Stamp Program Makes Fresh Produce More Affordable Link


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