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The San Diego Refugee Communities Coalition (SDRCC) is a collective of ethnic-community based organizations (ECBOs) located within San Diego County. Members have been on the front lines of providing essential services to low-income disenfranchised refugee families for years. Collectively SDRCC members serve thousands of some of San Diego’s most vulnerable residents.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) defines an ECBO, as a “non-profit organization that was founded and is led by a current or former refugee, or a group of current and former refugees and immigrants, primarily for the advancement of refugees.” According to the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), ECBOs are regarded as culturally and linguistically competent providers and are apt in identifying and responding to the needs of diverse refugee and ethnic populations in short-, medium-, and long-term integration efforts. ECBO service provisions generally include: Case Management; Community Engagement and Advocacy; Emergency Relief; Employment Facilitation; Health Education and Promotion; Information and Referral; Interpretation and Translation Services; Social and Cultural Services; Youth Empowerment Services.

SDRCC was formally established in September 2019 following a yearlong planning process funded by the California Endowment. This process surfaced a clear need for improved outcomes and reduced disparities across multiple health and socio-economic indicators, and for a coordinated approach among ECBOs towards achieving these outcomes.


The San Diego Refugee Communities Coalition will lead coordinated action to ensure that individuals and families from refugee communities throughout San Diego County are healthy, safe, and thriving.


ECBO contact info for COVID-19 community support by language/community served

Member Organizations

COVID-19 Community Impact Report

The purpose of this assessment is to gain a better understanding of the scale and scope of the pandemic’s impact on refugee communities, to inform solutions that meet immediate needs and address historic social and health inequities, and to mobilize action from mainstream systems and community partners.

Read the full report here.

About the Report

The San Diego Refugee Communities Coalition’s COVID-19 Community Impact Assessment is the result of an unprecedented effort by ten ethnic-community based organizations, University of San Diego Community Health Center’s Refugee Health Unit, and local consultants Nash & Associates, to develop and deliver a comprehensive assessment that answers the question “How is the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacting families within San Diego’s Refugee Communities?”

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