What are lessons in the classroom?

Harvest of the Month lessons in the classroom showcase a seasonal fruit or vegetable by conducting a taste test and lesson that encourages students to explore, taste, and learn about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and being active every day.

What should I know about lessons in the classroom?

  • Lessons are intended to be conducted monthly.
  • Lessons are available for grades K-6.
  • Lessons can be adapted to preference.
    • The minimum recommended lesson is 15 minutes.
    • Resources are available to add more activities to each lesson.

Lessons in the classroom can have a broader impact when information is shared with parents.  Send the Family Letter home to inform families that your classroom is starting Harvest of the Month.

Download the Family Letter in English and Spanish

HOTM Family Letter Spanish PDF

HOTM Family Letter English PDF

Each produce on the home page calendar features a Family Newsletter in English and Spanish and, for select produce, Chinese, Hmong, and Russian.

What is included in each lesson in the classroom?

Each lesson can be implemented in 5 steps. The following resources are available for each fruit and vegetable featured on the Harvest of the Month calendar for San Diego County.

Step 1. Show the farmer or nutrition education video (Time: 2-5 minutes)

-A video highlights how each produce is grown, by farm or garden

-Select the produce on the home page calendar and click on the link in the pop-up menu

Step 2. Conduct the Taste Test (Time: 5 minutes)

Step-by-step instructions provide information to prepare for and conduct taste tests in the classroom.

Step 3. Discuss ‘Rate the Taste’ (Time: 5 minutes)

A rating sheet and supplemental information provide tools for class discussion during the taste tests.

Step 4. Implement workbook lessons (Time: 10-15 minutes)

Activity sheets provide additional grade-level lessons about the produce.

  • Select the homepage produce. Select the grade under ‘Workbook Lessons’ of the pop-up menu.

Step 5. Other resources and activities

Educator Newsletter (Time: 5+ minutes)

The newsletter provides educators with supplemental produce information, hands-on nutrition and physical activity lessons, ideas for integrating science, history, math, and literacy concepts, and numerous links to resources.

  • Select the home page produce. Select ‘Educator Newsletter’ in the pop-up menu.

Energizer (Time: 5+ minutes)

A physical activity that integrates learning about the produce.

  • Select the home page produce. Select ‘Energizer’ in the pop-up menu.


Family Newsletter

A newsletter for families that provides nutrition information, healthy eating tips, physical activities, and tips for selecting, storing, and serving the featured produce.

  • Select the home page produce. Select the language preferred under ‘Family Newsletter’ in the pop-up menu. In addition to English and Spanish, many newsletters are available in Chinese, Vietnamese, Hmong, and Russian.


The recipe that uses the produce and can be used for classroom cooking lessons or to send home.

  • Select the home page produce. Select ‘Recipe’ in the pop-up menu.



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