The Urban Growers' Collaborative Project

The Urban Growers’ Collaborative Project, led by our Director of Urban Food Environments, Elle Mari, investigates the barriers and opportunities for collaboration among local urban growers to improve their viability and entry into new local markets, particularly markets that serve (or can serve) low-income urban residents.

This project entails three phases:

Phase One:

  1. Review literature on urban agriculture viability
  2. Assess product supply of the participating urban growers’ group
  3. Identify opportunities for training and technical assistance
  4. Understand the interest and potential for collaboration among participating urban growers

Phase Two: 

  1. Assess local demand for urban grown products
  2. Determine recommendations for a collaborative action/project/product among participating urban growers
  3. Provide identified training and technical assistance (including one on one farm business coaching provided by outside consultant) to improve farm viability and access local markets

Phase Three:

  1. Select a pilot project informed by first two phases
  2. Identify funding for a business plan and initial project development
  3. Draft a comprehensive business plan encompassing multi-grower collaborative practices
  4. Initiate pilot after project fully scoped and funded

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