YAC members envision continued growth and sustainability by engaging other youth in San Diego County to participate in decisions that create lasting, healthy change for young people and their families. The YAC members would like to collaborate with, and present to, other organizations as well as work together as equal partners. The members have already begun working with community-based organizations.

Short-Term Goals

  • Continue to recruit new YAC members representing other HHSA regions, such as South and East regions
  • Identify City Heights retailers, such as ethnic markets and corner stores, for  the Healthy Retail Marketing Campaign
  • Develop a strategic plan to recruit and engage stakeholders, including city planning staff, City Heights Business Association, retail owners and community leaders
  • Develop a presentation, and provide campaign overview, for new retail sites interested in implementing the Healthy Retail Marketing campaign
  • Continue to promote and raise awareness about the importance of access to affordable, healthy foods

Long-Term Goals

  • Expand the Healthy Retail Marketing Campaign to other areas in San Diego County
  • Develop a media plan and share the progression and success of the implementation with other sites
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