This year, the Advancing Health Literacy (AHL) Program had an opportunity to join forces with UC San Diego students in an exciting storytelling project. The aim was to shine a light on some of the impactful programs being implemented by AHL grantees.

Eleven dedicated grantees took part in this collaborative endeavor, including San Ysidro Health, City Heights CDC, Magnolia Project, Olivewood Gardens, Neighborhood Healthcare, Multicultural Health Foundation, COLCH, SBCS, San Diego Rescue Mission, San Diego Communities Coalition, and Project New Village. These organizations have been working diligently to make a difference in our communities.

Over the course of 10 weeks, 48 enthusiastic students engaged in interviews and meetings with their assigned grantees. Their mission was to gain a deep understanding of each grantee’s organization, the communities they serve, and the impact of their respective projects. Through these interactions, which involved not only grantees but also community members and event participation, the students created written pieces and short videos that beautifully captured the essence of each grantee’s work. At the culmination of the 10-week collaboration, the students proudly presented their work during a virtual event that included the participation of all grantees.

The final pieces will soon be available for viewing on the AHL website, and they will also be accessible through the respective websites and social media platforms of each participating organization. This collaboration has been a testament to the power of partnership and storytelling in highlighting the vital contributions of AHL grantees to our communities.


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