El guía de BOOST (Best Of Out-of-School Time) Conference is a reoccurring large event held in Palm Springs, California, that attracts hundreds of people engaged in youth-centered work nationwide every year. The conference offers over 200 diverse workshops focusing on ways for working professionals to learn and strengthen their interactions with their youth. This year, Youth Advisory Council (YAC) staff member Asmaa Deiranieh, had the opportunity to attend this multi-day conference where she heard from experts who shared cutting-edge ideas for youth programs, participated in group activities that encouraged approaching challenges with creativity and analytical thinking, and networked with other youth workers throughout the country.

Many programs present helpful tools on topics like mentorship, mental health, and stress management. Beyond this, there are also workshops that teach individuals how to be an ally to their youth and amplify their voices within the community. Previous discussions that highlight these topics include “Are You Okay? A Mental Health & Well-Being Check-In”, “Empowering Students with Agency, Voice, and Choice,” and “IDEAS That Empower Youth: Creating Student-led Learning Environments by Teaching Youth Social Entrepreneurship.”

Boost is open to individuals across all career stages and backgrounds. It is a valuable opportunity to learn about unique ways to enhance teaching and mentorship strategies for individuals frequently working with youth. Reflecting on her experience at the conference, Asmaa shares, “Attending the BOOST Conference was a transformative experience that profoundly benefited me in numerous ways. The emphasis on personal development at the conference was truly enlightening. I had the opportunity to attend sessions that delved into self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and goal-setting. Armed with this knowledge, I gained a deeper understanding of myself and my interests. Consequently, I developed a clearer vision for YAC and began to pursue my aspirations with unwavering determination.”


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