Faith and health go together. This Faith-based Wellness Toolkit is tailored for faith communities to improve access to healthy eating and physical activity opportunities.

The UC San Diego Faith-Based Wellness Program is dedicated to improving and promoting health and wellness in our most vulnerable and underserved people. We are working together toward health equity by building awareness and knowledge, developing community capacity, and creating strong partnerships.

Our interfaith and intergenerational approach has allowed us to reach multiple faith-based groups and communities which have not traditionally been the focus of other initiatives. Working within the cultural framework of faith, the Faith-Based Wellness Program has established partnerships across San Diego County to implement policy, systems and environmental changes that create physical activity and nutrition opportunities at faith sites and the surrounding community. We strive to respond to the specific needs of our diverse communities in a culturally aware and sensitive manner.

We partner sites with that are diverse and inclusive of all faiths, cultures, and communities. Currently, we are collaborating with faith sites located in communities that have faced consistent and systemic health disparities. These faith sites serve predominately African American, Latino and refugee communities and we are working with faith leaders and community members to develop policies, systems and environmental improvements that improve health and well-being. If you are interested in partnering with the UC San Diego Faith-Based Wellness Program, please contact us.


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