Since its launch in 2015, the YAC has been highlighted in numerous pieces of media and has created a multitude of original pieces. Check out some of the YAC’s most recent media successes below.

YAC On Air: Members Broadcast Podcasts

YAC On Air: Members Broadcast Podcasts


COVID-19 Essential Workers Gratitude

YAC expresses our deepest gratitude for all essential and frontline workers facing the brunt of the challenges that come with COVID-19.


How to Present to Youth

YAC high school interns crafted this quick video with tips on how adults can best present to youth.


Huda's TedxYouth Talk

YAC member Huda presented at TedxYouth in San Diego. Her speech is entitled 'Changing What Holds You Back Into Something You Can Thrive From'. #TripleThreat


Seham's TedxYouth Talk

YAC member Seham presented at TedxYouth in San Diego. Her speech is entitled 'Be the One Person Who Changes an Immigrant's Life" #ShineAndAchieve

For more information about Seham , Click Here.


Dear Policy Makers

The youth inform the policymakers of changes which they would like to see in the community.


Noun speaking at SB 138 Assembly Ed Committee Hearing

Noun testifies in support of school lunches and SB-138 at the California legislation.

For more information about Noun, Click Here.


Miguel and Noah Interviewed by KUSI

Miguel and Noah give there youth perspective on what the county needs to do in the fight against childhood obesity.

For more information about Miguel, Click Here.


Michelle Obama Invitation to COC

The youth invite First Lady Michelle Obama to the 9th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference.

Articles, Resources, and Presentations

YAC Internship Experience Presentation PDF

Childhood Obesity Conference 2019 Presentation PDF

How to Present to Youth PNG

City Heights Embraces Its Small Markets Link

“Hunger is an Issue of Justice”: Lessons from refugee and immigrant youth in San Diego Link

In San Diego County, $145 Million For School Meals Goes Untapped Link

Obesity Conference Elevates Voices of Youth Advocates Link


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