Antwi Akom Ph.D. is a multi-disciplinary strategic designer, creative technologist, and visionary pioneer of Community Informatics – which asks what if our design thinking was led by our nation’s most vulnerable populations. Dr. Akom’s work combines real-time data, location-based data, and people-power design innovation with cutting-edge technology in order to achieve new standards of accessibility, scalability, sustainability, equity, and opportunity for all. Dr. Akom co-founded Streetwyze, a participatory tech and power-building platform that offers a holistic understanding of how people would like to see public space, how they are experiencing public space, how people would like to move through and use the public realm, as well as providing a platform and process that provides real-time descriptions of values, identity, character, quality, and programming of the spaces and places that make up the racial and spatial fabric of local neighborhoods and communities.


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