Policy, Advocacy, and Research

Academic Enrichment & Training

The UniversityLink Medical Science Program supports San Diego community college students during their transition to a four-year university.

Community Engagement

At UCSD Center for Community Health, we engage community residents and stakeholders to address health disparities at multiple levels to ensure health equity.


Learn more about the the incredible work the UCSD Center for Community Health researchers are engaged in.

Policy in Action

UC San Diego Center for Community Health works across a variety of policy areas and topic issues to develop, adopt and implement policies that support health and wellness.

Youth Advisory Council (YAC)

The YAC is a group of highly motivated, hard-working, and passionate young people dedicated to improving health for San Diego communities.

Refugee Health Unit

The Refugee Health Unit was launched in 2017 in response to the growing number of refugees in San Diego, home to the largest refugee population in California to date.

Health & Wellness

Past Programs

Past programs that the Center has worked to implement, including Fresh Fund and the Training Resource Center.

Peer Empowerment Program 4 Physical Activity

The Peer Empowerment Program empowers older adults to take a leadership role in their community center and local neighborhood.

Healthy Schools

The UCSD Center for Community Health supports a variety of programs and projects that seek to increase the health and well-being of children in school settings.

Faith-Based Wellness

The Faith Based Wellness Program collaborates with faith-based organizations to improve health outcomes and food security in low-income communities.

Childhood Obesity Initiative

An initiative of the County of San Diego Health and Human Services department, the Childhood Obesity Initiative brings together partners to work to reduce and prevent childhood obesity.

Lactation Supportive Environments

The Lactation Supportive Environments project works to increase the number of settings that support lactation accommodations and breastfeeding-friendly environments.

Worksite Wellness

Live Well @ Work assists businesses in creating healthier workplace environments that are supportive of healthy eating and active living.

Oral Health

The UCSD Dental Health Initiative builds partnerships with agencies, schools, organizations to work with families who have limited resources, providing access to dental care and education.

Healthy Food Access

Urban Growers' Collaborative Project

The Urban Growers’ Collaborative Project investigates the barriers and opportunities for collaboration among local urban growers.

Live Well Community Market Program

The Live Well Community Market Program aims to improve and promote access to affordable healthy foods in San Diego County

¡Más Fresco! More Fresh

The ¡Más Fresco! More Fresh Program provides financial incentives that can be used to purchase fruits and vegetables.

Farmers' Markets for All

Fresh, Local, and Equitable

Nutrition Pantry Program

Supporting food pantry operators with client-centered strategies that focus on health and dignity.


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