About Us

About Us

Live Well @ Work has partnered with the business community throughout San Diego County for over ten years. As a part of the countywide Live Well Initiative, Live Well @ Work engages businesses in creating healthier workplace environments supportive of healthy eating and active living. By adopting a wellness program, businesses can improve recruitment and retention of healthy employees, reduce healthcare costs, increase productivity, and decrease worksite injuries and sick days.

Live Well @ Work provides customized support in establishing comprehensive wellness programs tailored specifically to meet the needs of businesses and their employees at no-cost. With our evidence-based toolkit, California Fit Business Kit, we help transform the workplace environment and culture to one that makes healthy choices accessible for all employees. We work closely with all levels within an organization to significantly improve employee health and prevent chronic disease through education, engagement and environmental changes

Our Services


  • Conduct the Health ScoreCard, an easy-to-use tool to assess the worksite’s current food and physical activity environments, culture of health, and wellness efforts.
  • Identify and interpret worksites health promotion needs from the results of employer assessment.
  • Develop an employer-specific action plan based on identified areas of interest.


  • Present the business case to secure management participation and support in starting or expanding employee wellness programs.
  • Support in establishing a wellness committee comprised of staff representing different levels of an organization.


  • Assist in developing a unique wellness brand to effectively market program messages and engage employee participation.
  • Provide a variety of marketing and educational tools such as posters, brochures, cookbooks, and wellness board materials to strengthen program efforts.
  • Distribute monthly Live Well @ Work newsletters featuring a free events calendar, healthy recipes ideas, and additional resources for improving employee wellness.


  • Create environmental supports that encourage healthy behaviors in the workplace.
  • Develop a campaign to promote safe, inviting stairwells that encourages employees to take the stairs more often.
  • Support in identifying safe, walkable routes to healthy places close by to encourage physical activity.
  • Connect employers to local farmers to have fresh produce delivered directly to the worksite.
  • Support employers in implementing healthy menu guidelines that set nutrition standards for their onsite employee cafeteria and dining facilities.


  • Support the development or revision of workplace polices to help support employees achieve healthy lifestyles.
  • Assist in creating healthy meeting policies that promotes healthy choices at workplace meetings, gatherings, and events.
  • Facilitate the development of a healthy vending policy to provide healthy food and beverage options in employee vending machines at a discounted rate.

Top Resources

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