Name of Partner: Margarita Holguin

Location: San Diego County

What do they do?

Margarita is the newly elected tri-chair for the Childhood Obesity Initiative (COI) Executive Leadership Team.

The purpose of the Leadership Council is to provide strategic guidance and direction for the COI and its key stakeholders in support of implementation of the COI Action Plan, strategic plan, evaluation, and domain work plans. In addition, the Leadership Council provides guidance and oversight for COI operations including review and approval of core funding applications and policy positions.

The roles and responsibilities of the Leadership Council members are to serve as advocates and vocal champions of the COI, identify how the activities of partner organizations align with COI goals, track and inform progress on COI activities using agreed-upon indicators and domain work plans, identify opportunities for new partnerships and cross-domain collaboration, and to attend COI strategic planning retreats.

How do they partner with CCH?

Partnering with the San Diego Childhood Obesity Initiative (COI) and the Center of Community Health made sense for Margarita because she is passionate about working to increase community capacity and wants other people to have the knowledge and ability to make decisions for themselves. As a tri-chair of the COI Executive Leadership Team, Margarita is able to advise and make recommendations regarding program improvement, identify areas of concern related to COI, and support our other COI members.

What did they say?

I joined COI because I want to contribute and add value to programs designed to help those with the most need and I believe that helping people reach their best potential starts with responsible and equitable community programs.” Margarita Holguin, COI Executive Leadership Team Tri-Chair


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