Amina Sheik Mohamed MPH is well-known, dedicated Public Health professional who has gained recognition for her work with multi-cultural populations, particularly women and youth in the Arab, African Born and African American communities. She is currently serving as the Director of Community Mobilization Programs at the University of California, San Diego (UC San Diego) Center for Community Health. In that role her mission has been to foster collaborative partnerships that engage California, especially low-income families, to create environments that encourage healthy eating and physical activity, encouraging reducing obesity and chronic diseases.  Amina is an expert in community and youth development. She is a trainer for (Photovoice) photojournalism method and engagement process that encourages community members to identify neighborhood-level problems and collectively work on solutions. She successfully implemented innovative policy systems and environmental initiatives. For instance, Amina co-launched a Women’s Only Swimming Project at the Copley YMCA funded by the California Endowment. Previously, Amina served as the Regional Manager for the African American Campaign under the Network for a Healthy California of the San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Amina is gifted and motivated with the personal passion and professional and academic skills to initiate and implement change and make a difference in the health status of communities on a local, state, national and global arena.  She consistently strives to implement her personal mission of bringing hope, health resources and practical solutions to the world’s diverse communities. The many awards she has received include the UC San Diego 2011 Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action and Diversity Award, the 2013 Union Bank and KPBS Women’s History Month Local Heroes Award. She was also featured in San Diego Union Tribunes “Making a Difference”.  In addition, Amina serves on various local, state and national committees including the Health Communities Central Region, LIVE  WELL  San Diego!, City Heights Farmer’s Market  Committee, East African Women’s Health, San Diego Refugee  Forum- Health Task Force, and the Building Healthy Communities Food Justice Momentum Team.

Amina holds a Masters of Public Health and a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science with an emphasis in Community Health). She continues, to share her work experience and success by presenting at large conferences like APHA and Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference and recently visited Qatar to research and reviews the high incidence of obesity and resulting diabetes in the country’s population, particularly school age children.


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