Reem Zubaidi is a Health Policy and Communications Coordinator at the UC San Diego Center for Community Health. She is currently working with the Refugee Health Unit.

Reem recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Public Policy at UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy. Her focus there was on the intersection of environmental issues and human rights. While at school, she also served as a board member of Ceasefire, a student organization focused on building awareness around global refugee issues and their causes.

Before moving to San Diego, Reem completed her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communications at Northwestern University’s branch campus in Doha, Qatar. During this time, she also got the chance to do research and report on topics ranging from health and social issues to environmental degradation. Reem’s most recent work experience is with the LA Conservation Corps, a nonprofit organization that focuses on education and employment for under-served youth in the Los Angeles area.


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