St. Jude’s Shrine of the West walking club, Caminando con St. Jude, has walked 100 miles! The church formed a walking club with the support of the UC San Diego Faith-based Wellness Team earlier this year. The group meets right after mass on Mondays and walks two miles. The walkers of Caminando con St. Jude have gradually increased speed and distance as they become more physically active. Their record so far is two miles in 38 minutes!

Caminando con St. Jude and UC San Diego Center for Community Health celebrated the 100 mile accomplishment with a healthy celebration. Compassionate Ministries and Emmanuel Christian Church in Alpine generously provided a grant to purchase healthy snacks and reusable bags full of fresh produce for the walkers. Walkers were also awarded an 100 mile certificate.

Special thanks to UC San Diego faith-based wellness interns, Rachel Rebello, Evan Noble, Isabella Gallardo, and Micah Estanislao for their time and energy in supporting Caminando con St. Jude.

For program funding information, please see Faith-Based Wellness Program.

A few of the 100 mile walkers

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