Breastfeeding Friendly San Diego Partner Highlight

Cardenas, Raul, Silvia, & Trylce’s Family Childcare Center is a true family business, in which a husband, wife, daughter, and employee work as a team in this childcare home. Silvia, a former nurse practitioner, and her family bring a holistic approach to their care, using practices and activities that are environmentally friendly as well as educational. For example, they maintain a garden on the property, they use recycled materials for art projects, they utilize all-natural cleaning products, and they prioritize nutritional practices. As a health professional, Silvia is always willing to learn something new; so when she heard about Breastfeeding-Friendly San Diego(BFSD), she saw it as an opportunity to enhance her skills supporting mothers and families’ health. She believes that adopting better practices helps the lives of children beyond the time they spend in their direct childcare. Silvia says that participating in BFSD’s program is easy to do, and resources received helped their center to make it a haven for breastfeeding mothers. BFSD gave Silvia and her family childcare center all the resources to confidently talk to families, resources to better handle and prepare breast milk, and information providing support and a comfortable environment to all the families they serve. Silvia is a true champion of the benefits of breastfeeding, as evidenced by her habit of voluntarily distributing literature about the BFSD program to colleagues and mothers she meets in local parks in her community.


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