The staff at Perry Elementary boosted their wellness efforts by engaging in some physical activity to give their staff lounge a new look and feel. With the help of Live Well @ Work, the Perry staff got to work removing unneeded desks and built in shelving. Next, they prepped the room and cabinets for a fresh coat of paint. Lead by the school’s PE teacher, Robbie DePerro, the group added curtains to hide school materials, refreshed the room with a few coats of paint, and hung Live Well @ Work wellness posters.

Thanks to the hard work of the Perry staff and the Live Well @ Work team, the once dull and cluttered lounge has been given new life. Whether it is the open feel, health promoting posters, or the stretching and exercise equipment, Perry employees should pat themselves on the back for creating such a health forward space. The new multipurpose space will undoubtedly help employees relax, refuel, and cultivate a culture of wellness at Perry Elementary.


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