On Friday August 25th, our Live Well Community Market Program organized and facilitated a community placemaking meeting at Rema Halal market in the City of El Cajon. The goal of meeting was to solicit feedback from community members and Rema Halal shoppers to improve the exterior facade of the business and to contribute to economic development in the City of El Cajon by way of improving healthy food access options. Community Health Specialist Mazen Ali facilitated a feedback process and discussion on market designs with help from Community Health Specialist Kate Mahoney. Specific suggestions from community members and shoppers included: more lighting, more signs in Arabic for non-English speakers, and to display produce outside of the market.

We would like to thank Alaa, the owner of Rema Halal, and Phil the building owner, for their time and investment in rehabbing an important food asset place. Special thanks also to graphic designers Kiana and Stephanie from San Diego State’s School of Art and Design, for their hard work developing an impressive new design scheme for Rema Halal.


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