What’s growing in your backyard? If you’re local City Heights couple, Melissa and Taylor McDonald, you’re growing an impressive variety of beautiful and tasty fresh microgreens! What exactly are microgreens, you’re wondering? They’re edible young vegetable or herb greens harvested just after sprouting as shoots. Microgreens pack in a lot of nutrients and are eaten fresh typically on salads, sandwiches, blended in smoothies, or can be used atop most dishes to add flavor, color, and texture. Melissa and Taylor, of Quantum Microgreens, established their own urban backyard farm in City Heights over a year ago. They sell microgreens at three local farmers’ markets throughout the week and also sell Grow Your Own Kits.

We met Quantum Microgreens through local outreach for our Urban Growers’ Collaborative Project. Get in touch if you know someone growing food in your neighborhood who wants to reach a wider audience. Contact Elle Mari at [email protected]


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