With more than 50% of employees reporting feeling stress due to financial issues, financial wellness is an important factor to address in an employee wellness program. Financial wellness programs can be very beneficial for both employees and companies, as it can improve employee productivity, decrease absenteeism, and reduce time being used for personal financial matters.

To provide local resources and support on this topic, Ignite Wellness San Diego hosted a financial wellness forum on February 26 2019, as part of a larger “Igniting the Workplace” series. Ignite Wellness San Diego is a newly formed group comprised of local organizations to support human resource and wellness professionals with opportunities to enhance their employee wellness programs through events and trainings. The event was a large success, bringing together over 40 professionals from varied sectors, with opportunities to network and share ideas.

The financial wellness forum featured Brenda Sillas, Kaiser Permanente’s Workforce Consultant and leading expert in corporate wellness as the keynote speaker and moderator. Brenda gave an inspirational talk on how to address toxic stress in the workplace and turn-key methods for starting a wellness program. A panel of wellness experts included John Haubenstricker from American Red Cross WIC, Andrew Rodriguez from Viejas Casino, and Kelley Axelson from UC San Diego/County of San Diego’s Live Well @ Work initiative, who shared their best practices for integrating financial wellness into comprehensive wellness programs. The panelists also spoke on strategies for maintaining employee engagement, creating meaningful partnerships, and tailoring wellness programs to meet the needs of your employee population.

The forum was part of a larger “Igniting the Workplace” series coordinated by Ignite Wellness San Diego (WestPac Partners, homePERQs, Cavignac & Associates, UC San Diego) which will feature additional topics on health and wellness. To learn more about Ignite Wellness San Diego and upcoming events, you can sign-up for their newsletter here.


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