Our staff at the Nutrition Pantry Program (NPP) partnered with Pantry of HOPE to reorganize the pantry’s inventory to enhance efficiency and prioritize waste reduction. Pantry of HOPE is operated by Operation HOPE North County, and specializes in supporting their program alumni rebuild their lives through secure housing resources and regained independence.

During the inventory project, the NPP team placed similar items together, such as canned fruits or canned proteins, and added food labels to conveniently see what nutritious options are available. We prioritized a ‘first in, first out’ guideline, strategically placing items to be distributed first and more frequently on the middle shelves, with replacements just below to easily visualize the current stock. With more organization and functionality of the inventory, we were able to create an open environment with an accessible prep station for pantry workers. In that space, we also added a whiteboard to display the contents of the day’s food distribution as a best practice. We included a welcoming chalkboard sign right outside with Pantry of HOPE’s contact information in both English and Spanish to better connect them to the community. Thank you to the efforts of our NPP staff, Lizzy and Lakisha, and NPP’s student intern, Dominique, for their exceptional inventory work this last week! We absolutely love working with Pantry of HOPE and will continue our efforts to support them in reaching their policy, systems, and environmental goals.

To learn more about the Nutrition Pantry Program, visit our website here.


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