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For over thirty years, Life Christian Center has run the Life Acts program, an initiative that feeds hundreds of households every Saturday morning. Working together as a family, the dedicated staff and volunteers of Life Acts come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, still they are united in their desire to bring “hope, relief, & resources to people in need”.

In January 2021, Life Acts became the 15th Nutrition Pantry Program (NPP) site under the UC San Diego Center for Community Health. While the site is interested in bringing a variety of NPP resources and activities to their clients and volunteers, Life Acts leadership quickly decided that they wanted to hear first and foremost from their clients. The NPP team worked closely with Life Acts to design a relevant client survey and on one Saturday morning the teams worked together to survey clients.

Following social distancing practices, NPP staff and Life Acts volunteers surveyed more than 190 households on their desired food items, household demographics, and preferences for additional resources. Reflecting the region where the distribution takes place, the survey was bilingual English and Spanish. Through a generous donation from Passion Planners to Life Acts, each individual who participated in the survey received a brand new 2021 daily planner and/or a reusable water bottle.

The results from this survey will be used to inform the policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) strategies at the site, and the NPP team is confident that this is just the first great initiative completed by Life Christian Center Life Acts in partnership with the NPP initiative!


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