Through our Training and Resource Center, UCSD Center for Community Health experts trained and provided resources to five different local health departments in California, assisting in the areas of coalition building, media/communications, and training on policy, systems and environmental changes leading to healthy eating and active living in communities. As part of this work, the Center for Community Health created several videos highlighting success stories in each county.  These videos were produced by Lan Media Productions.

Team Inyo for Healthy Kids

Riverside County: Ready, Set, Swim!

National City Communities of Excellence

San Bernardino: BHAM Body and Soul Gospel Jam

San Bernardino Communities of Excellence (CX3) in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention

San Diego Community Agriculture Planning Project

Toiyabe Indian Health Project Preventive Medicine

School Wellness in San Diego County

Healthy Retail in San Diego County

Faith-Based Wellness in San Diego County

Worksite Wellness in San Diego County

Harvest of the Month in San Diego County


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