Breastfeeding-Friendly San Diego

Rosa is committed to provide full support to all her clients, particularly to breastfeeding mothers, so that they can continue nourishing their children under Rosa’s care. She provides thoughtful and customized information to her clients, as she learns new information about children’s health. Rosa’s dedication to support and enhance breastfeeding practices at her center was evident, for example, when she requested that all her employees take Pro-Lactancia (Breastfeeding Friendly) San Diego training. Her enthusiasm is contagious! Just listen to her talk about being part of healthy children’s lives and preventing diseases such as cancer and obesity! “It (breastmilk and breastfeeding versus formula) is like two different universes! I want to continue enhancing my center with the best practices for our families.” Rosa is invested in her clients’ well-being; she is a long-time community member committed to benefit the families around her. She always follows a nutritious and healthy menu for all ages. She provides guidance about healthy habits, as needed, to all parents. Presently, expecting mothers have reserved their space at her center within the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile she has been diligently preparing and gathering relevant information to share with them to support healthy practices, particularly relevant to continue breastfeeding for these upcoming new healthy babies. She talks with her clients about the benefits and advantages of healthy eating, breastmilk, and she offers tips so they can get additional support. Her employees share her enthusiasm and encouraging conversations about promoting happy and healthy children under their care.


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