Last month, the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank’s MoreWell Employee Morale and Wellness program launched their Walk Well Challenge. The challenge was a huge success, with employees walking the equivalent distance of San Diego to Los Angeles! To prepare for the challenge, Live Well @ Work worked with the Food Bank’s wellness committee to identify safe walking routes close to their offices. The routes were then promoted as wayfinding maps in the break room, along with tracking forms to highlight miles walked.

To kick-start the challenge, employees were given pedometers and encouraged to walk during their breaks and host walk ‘n talk meetings with coworkers. The wellness challenge helped employees re-charge for the rest of the workday, start a new tradition, and challenge themselves to walk more.  An employee stated “This challenge really pushed me to work hard for a goal and inspired me to continue challenging myself!” Prior to the challenge the Food Bank had a small group that walked regularly. Since the start of the challenge, the group has grown significantly. Walking breaks are something they look forward to every day!  The MoreWell program continues to provide wellness support and resources to employees through their “Snack/Pause/Recess” monthly activities, wellness challenges, and robust employee recognition program. For program funding information, please see Worksite Wellness.


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