Armas Sonia’s Family Childcare

For over 24 years, Sonia Armas has been taking care of families in our community, through providing nourishment, nutrition, and a safe environment for all children trusted under her care. Ms. Armas supports and advocates for breastfeeding mothers and babies. In part due to her own experiences, Ms. Armas continues deepening her nutrition knowledge, taking regular classes and seeking reliable children’s development information. This dedication enhances her holistic childcare approach. Ms. Armas’ attitude and involvement with her families has strengthened her understanding about ways to continue supporting breastfeeding families. She shares: “I have seen firsthand the difference that breastmilk can make in the health, wellness, and development of babies. Premature babies- even twins, there is nothing that can be compared to the quality and benefits that a mother’s milk has for a baby.”

At Armas Sonia’s Family Childcare all families have access to a dedicated space for mothers to breastfeed or extract their milk, if they wish. The space is both welcoming and thoughtfully decorated. Ms. Armas states: “I believe that every mother, regardless of their work conditions, should have someone supporting her to continue breastfeeding.” Ms. Armas goes out of her way to find lactation resources for her clients, so questions from families do not go unanswered. She is an advocate of children’s health within our local community. Thank you for your dedication and congratulations Sonia Armas on becoming a Breastfeeding-Friendly San Diego recognized provider!


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