This year, Journey offered a fun and healthy food option for the Easter services.  Journey Community Church hosted five Easter services throughout the holiday weekend with thousands in attendance.  Regular Journey attendees and visitors were encouraged to connect and socialize with each other before and after services.

The church created a yogurt parfait bar, allowing each person to customize their parfait.  The bar included plain Greek yogurt chilled on ice, fresh raspberries and blackberries, granola, and honey.  Doughnut holes and fresh whole fruit were also offered.  Healthy drinks, including water and 100% juice were provided.

Journey is showing a commitment to health and is demonstrating that healthy can be delicious and is well-received!  People waited in line to make their own parfait.

Special thanks to Executive Pastor Erik Dees and Office Manager Ronda Williams for their support and commitment. For program funding information, please see the Faith-Based Wellness Program.


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