Mid-East Market, a participant in our Live Well Community Market Program, is the place to go for fresh, local, halal meats. Hani Ilian, the owner of Mid-East Market, raises goats, lamb, and chicken at his family ranch in Poway and sells the meat at his market. His experience raising animals goes back to his childhood in Bethlehem, where his family worked as shepherds, herding and raising animals. After moving to the United States, Hani worked at the market as a butcher until he eventually bought it in 1980. Since then, he and his family have been dedicated to providing shoppers with quality halal meats and an array of Middle Eastern products here in City Heights. Hani’s son, Al, (pictured in one of the photos with lamb on the ranch), you’ll see managing the market and also working on the ranch. We’re currently assisting Al to connect with new restaurant buyers through our Urban Growers’ Collaborative Project.

Pick up some halal meat, spicy curry powder, and fresh veggies at Mid-East Market!


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