City Heights Farmers Market was the first in San Diego County to accept public-assistance dollars, and has now become a regional and national model due to its success.  Low income shoppers can use wooden tokens, exchanged with CalFresh funds, WIC vouchers, or Supplemental Security Income, to purchase fresh foods and support the market.  The market is still going strong 11 years after its establishment in 2008, and in addition to supplying a source for fresh, local food, provides a space where community residents can .  Take a look at the video below and see this article by KPBS News for a look back on the market’s third anniversary and the impact it has had on the community and in influencing models for other markets since.

Video Produced by Brian Myers, Media Arts Center San Diego for Speak City Heights

Low-Income Shoppers Thrive At City Heights Farmers Market

Festive farmer's market in City Heights, set to celebrate it's three-year anniversary, has the highest food-stamp-redemption rate of any farmers market in the nation.


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