UC San Diego’s distinguished researchers and evaluators specialize in numerous community health topics including child and maternal health, obesity prevention, health disparities, community access to healthy food and physical activities, translational research and evaluation, best practices, and more.

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Healthy and Innovative Evidence-Based Techniques and Solutions:

UC San Diego’s Center for Community Health is a multidisciplinary group of physicians, researchers, evaluators, and public health outreach educators who connect UC San Diego’s rich and renowned educational, clinical and research discoveries into public health practice.

Best-Practice-Based Strategy and Supporting Information:

UC San Diego promotes evidence-based health practices at the community level. The Center for Community Health promotes optimal health in all populations, with a focus on those with the largest health disparities through connecting diverse partners from public, private, academic, and nonprofit organizations to collaborate on interventions, initiatives, and best practices targeting chronic disease and obesity prevention and well-being.

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Santiago Longitudinal Study

Contact name: Estela Blanco
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Community-Based & Health Behavior Research projects

Contact name: Christine Williams
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General Questions for Dr. Gahagan:

Contact name: Carissa McMasters
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