Explore this page for tips on how to select, store and prepare berries.

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Select It

Choose fresh blueberries that are plump and have a solid, dark blue color. Choose fresh raspberries that are bright and evenly colored. Select fresh blackberries that are dry and shiny, without any green or red colors. Avoid buying berries that are moldy or wrinkled. If the bottom of the container is stained or leaking, it may be a sign that the berries are rotting.

Store It

  • Do not wash berries until ready to eat.
  • Store raspberries and blackberries for up to 3 days in the refrigerator in the original container, or another container with holes in it. Line the bottom of the container with cloth or paper towels.
  • Store blueberries for up to 10 days in its original container, or in a bowl covered with a cloth or paper towel.
  • Berries can be stored in the freezer for 8-12 months in an airtight container.

Reduce Food Waste

Remove moldy berries as soon as possible to stop the spread of mold. The other berries in the container are still good to eat. 

Source: Save the Food

Prepare It

  • Wash with water and eat fresh berries as a snack, side or dessert.
  • Top pancakes, yogurt or cereal with fresh berries.
  • Keep a bag of mixed berries in the freezer for smoothies.

Did You Know?

There are four colors of raspberries: gold, black, purple and red.

c Berries help your body heal cuts and wounds and help lower your risk of infection because they contain vitamin C. 

pc Berries have significant disease-fighting, cell-protecting antioxidant capacity because they contain phytochemicals that give them their rich red, blue, black and purple colors.  

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Fruit Pizza


1 English Muffin (try whole grain)
2 tablespoons cream cheese
2 tablespoons sliced strawberries
2 tablespoons blueberries
2 tablespoons fresh or crushed pineapple

Source: Food Hero


Makes 2 servings. Half an English muffin per serving.


10 minutes


  1. Split open the English muffin and toast the halves until lightly browned.

  2. Spread cream cheese on both halves.

  3. Divide the fruit between the two muffin halves and arrange on top of cream cheese.

  4. These are best when served immediately. Refrigerate leftovers within 2 hours.


    No cream cheese? Try peanut butter, another nut butter or sunflower seed butter.

    Sprinkle with nuts or seeds for an added crunch.

    You can also try these with a whole grain bagel.
Also In Season: Spring

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