Streetwyze is a human-centered mobile mapping and SMS platform powered by community-generated, location-based, and Big Data that helps connect communities and transform places. Streetwyze’s mission is to use pictures, audio, and video to connect with the community, inspire creativity, bring joy, and transform the places and spaces where we live, learn, work, play, and pray.

Since 2014, Streetwyze has partnered and collaborated with Dover Khol, CMG, Perkins and Will, Populous, DLR, Race Forward, PolicyLink, Google, Aclima, Hospitals, and Health care providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, as well as small-medium- and large grassroots organizations and service providers. Streetwyze’s strong investment in health is evident, with its “HealthWyze” arm dedicated to promoting health and well-being by centering the voices and wisdom of the people who matter the most.

Streetwyze looks forward to gathering a wide range of data to test the Healthy Together program’s impact and use it to guide its quality improvement efforts.  Specifically, Streetwyze will focus on listening first and turning health transactions into healing relationships.

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