For the fourth consecutive year, members of the Youth Advisory Council (YAC) flew to Sacramento to participate in the ENACT Day event. This year, eight members of the YAC participated in the event hosted by Public Health Institute, California Food Policy Advocates, and The California Endowment. ENACT Day aims to create a healthier California by exposing local community members to advocacy on statewide policies.

At the event, YAC Members heard from statewide policy experts and elected officials on legislative bills related to fostering healthy food environments in neighborhoods and schools, as well as bills related to creating communities in which all families have access to safe spaces to be active. Two members of the YAC- Huda and Fowsiyo- presented to the group on the need for equitable investment into food environments in low income communities. The youth then met with San Diego legislators to discuss what bills were most important to their communities.

For the youth advocates, this event allows them a space to practice their advocacy skills while being exposed to new policies. Namaya states:

“ENACT Day was an amazing opportunity that I was able to participate in last week. It opened my eyes and allowed me to realize that there are others who will do anything to positively change their community. Whether social justice or health equity, so many concepts were introduced to me that encouraged me to be the change I want to see.”

A huge thanks to Southwest Airlines and Public Health Institute (PHI) for providing the youth with the resources to attend this event!


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