On World Refugee Day, celebrated on June 20th, we stand in solidarity with refugees, acknowledging their right to safety, dignity, and the opportunity to rebuild their lives. We celebrate their contributions to our communities and commit to advocating for policies that provide protection and support for displaced individuals. As the world continues to witness the plight of Afghan refugees seeking safety and stability, it is imperative to provide them with accessible pathways to essential services and support networks upon arriving in the United States.  Recognizing this need, the Center for Community Health Refugee Health Unit Afghan Refugee School Impact (ARSI) & Afghan Youth Mentoring (AYM) Program developed an asset map tailored specifically to aid Afghan refugees in finding crucial assistance within their new communities. The asset map serves as a comprehensive resource directory, crafted to connect Afghan refugees with organizations offering a wide array of services. By centralizing these resources into one accessible platform, our asset map aims to streamline the process of navigating support services for Afghan refugees, whether they’re seeking assistance with resettlement, education, healthcare, or employment.

Our asset map offers:

Organization Details: Each entry on our map includes essential information about the organization, including its name, address, and service area. This ensures that refugees can easily locate nearby resources tailored to their needs. Organizations labeled with a star are a sub-awardee organization of the ARSI-AYM programs.

Website and Description: The asset map includes links to organization websites and brief descriptions of the services they offer. This allows refugees to learn more about each organization’s mission, values, and available programs.

Afghan-led Organizations: In recognition of the unique cultural and linguistic needs of Afghan refugees, we’ve identified organizations that are Afghan-led. These organizations not only provide essential services but also offer culturally sensitive support that fosters a sense of belonging and understanding.

Healthy Places Index Score: Recognizing the significance of access to healthy environments, our map incorporates the Healthy Places Index (HPI) score for each organization’s location. The HPI score provides valuable insight into the community’s overall health and well-being.

Explore our website page of the map HERE and share our asset map HERE



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