At this year’s Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine conference, the Refugee Health Unit (RHU) participated in three impactful events that spotlighted the crucial role of youth in shaping public health narratives.

Event 1: Engaging Youth in Public Health

RHU’s Project Manager, Asmaa Deiranieh and Noun Abdelaziz with the United Women of East Africa Support Team (UWEAST), took center stage to share insights and strategies for engaging youth in public health initiatives. Their presentation emphasized the importance of listening to and amplifying the voices of young people, who bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to complex health challenges.

Event 2: Youth-Led City Heights Site Tour

One of the highlights of the conference was a site tour, led by the Center for Community Health’s Youth Advisory Council, of City Heights, a vibrant neighborhood with a rich cultural history and a hub of youth-led initiatives. Participants had the opportunity to explore firsthand the community’s resilience, diversity, and the impactful work driven by young leaders in addressing health disparities.

Event 3: Addressing Structural Racism

San Diego Refugee Communities Coalition’s Youth Engagement Manager, Nyaduoth Gatkuoth, delivered a powerful plenary session on structural racism titled and its impact on adolescent health outcomes. Her presentation shed light on the systemic barriers faced by marginalized communities and identified practical implications of radical healing. Nyaduoth emphasized the urgent need for collective action to dismantle inequitable structures and promote health equity for all youth.

These events underscored the critical role of collaboration, inclusivity, and youth empowerment in advancing adolescent health and building healthier communities. The Refugee Health Unit remains committed to fostering meaningful partnerships and advocating for policies that prioritize the well-being of young people from all backgrounds.

Click here to learn more about Refugee Health Unit work and here for our Youth Advisory Council work.


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