Breastfeeding Friendly San Diego Partner Highlight

At Sandra Carrillo’s Family Childcare Center all the infants in her care are breastfed, reflecting a model infant-friendly environment. Sandra believes that “investing in today’s babies is investing in my community for a long term: children playing outside, healthy teenagers and young adults.”
Sandra is currently completing her education in child development and loves caring for the children as well as offering support to all their families. She found Breastfeeding-Friendly San Diego’s program to be very helpful in providing more knowledge and education about breastfeeding practices, as evidenced by the help they provided in creating a special breastfeeding area for mothers at her center. She believes that, with the help of the resources given by BFSD, she can further invest in her community and advance the future of today’s children. Sandra says that participating in BFSD’s program helps highlight the quality of care your childcare center provides and that it is important that you don’t miss a chance to be recognized for being breastfeeding-friendly!

For program funding information, please see Breastfeeding-Friendly San Diego.


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