Breastfeeding Friendly San Diego Partner Highlight

Margarita has been preparing her home to provide the best possible care for children. She is an experienced caretaker with years of expertise taking care of vulnerable individuals, and now she is harnessing all her skills to serve young children. Tiny Hands Family Childcare opens a home providing working parents peace of mind when bringing their children into a safe, colorful and fun educational environment. Margarita prepares nutritious healthy menus, very well planned. She is ready to attend to all families and to help breastfeeding parents. Tiny Hands is dedicated to promote young children’s well-being. Margarita is an enthusiastic and avid learner with a passion for education and nutrition. Her focus and purpose is to excel in serving children, dedicating her knowledge and experience to their health and happiness. Along with childcare experts, she has been assessing every corner and component of her home, dedicated to children’s education, enjoyment, safety, and healthy development.
“Because breastfeeding is so important for all babies and their mothers, I am prepared to support and encourage all parents, participating in Pro-Lactancia (Breastfeeding Friendly) San Diego. In recognition of the importance of this educational opportunity, I twice attended the trainings offered in order to deepen my knowledge. I feel all of us should attend all educational opportunities, and am constantly seeking opportunities to learn.” Margarita is convinced that the benefits of breastfeeding need to be disseminated more broadly, so that every parent and childcare provider can team up to improve the quality of care for all of our children. Her vision is very progressive, and she is diligent about ‘small details.’ For example, upon arrival of a parent/child, the information within their eyesight is arranged to produce opportunities for educational, playful and developmental purposes for the children – bright, colorful, environmentally friendly, nutritious, peaceful and inviting for all children and their families.
Margarita makes a practice of to going out into the community to talk about breastfeeding advantages, handing out information about Pro-Lactancia (Breastfeeding Friendly) San Diego. She shares what every family needs to be looking for at a childcare center, so parents are at ease about where their beloved children are, and they can go to work happily. Her first clients are starting soon. She is so glad that she has been able to invest the time and resources to provide the best possible care to children in our communities at Tiny Hands Family Childcare.

For program funding information, please see Breastfeeding-Friendly San Diego.”


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